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Accessible websites

A number of our customers have to deal with visitors who are visually impaired (including fully blind people). Webshaping is specialized in making accessible websites.

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What is a Flash animation?

With Flash it is possible to make web videos, web applications, banners, and (small) games. When Flash was released in 1996 it became a hype. Long intros and websites were fully made ​​in Flash. Nowadays it is used to create promotional videos and for advertising such as banners. Making entire websites in Flash has become less popular. Google can not handle Flash animations.

Flash actionscript

Flash has its own programming language called actionscript (as). This language is used to create interactive animations or movies.


Because we have years of experience with Flash we are capable of making all kinds of animations, web applications and banners. For instance we can make an interactive banner that lets you advertise on other websites. It is also possible to make your own promotional video on your own website.


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