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Accessible websites

A number of our customers have to deal with visitors who are visually impaired (including fully blind people). Webshaping is specialized in making accessible websites.

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Your own CMS

Webshaping has developed their own CMS. You can easily maintain the website without technical knowledge. We can completely customize the CMS to your needs. This also means that the navigation is very simple. You don't have to make 20 steps before you can alter a text.

We make use of a text editor which works like Word. Creating text for a web page is a simple task which can be done by anyone.

As mentioned, our CMS is customized to your needs. This also means that a standard module (such as a calender) can be exactly changed to your requirements.

Quick look at our CMS

Features of our CMS

What can you expect from our CMS:

  • User friendly and easy to use
  • Very efficient
  • Create your own texts
  • Upload documents (such as doc, pdf etc)
  • Many standard modules (news, calender, gallery, link section)
  • Custom made
  • You don't pay for a licence.

Text editor


Contact us for more information. Go to our contact page for details.